Hi! I'm Kavin

My name is Kavin and I'm a fullstack web developer
I love coding in Javascript, Typescript and Python, and have worked with frameworks like ReactJS, VueJS, Express, and Django.
I am a developer at Tricycle and the President of Exun Clan, and a student at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram
I am also a Chapter Officer at the New Delhi Space Society, a chapter of the National Space Society


I am a Grade 12 student at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram. I am also a member of Enship and President of Exun Clan, the Tech Club.


I am experienced with Javascript, Typescript, PHP and Python and the web technologies dominating at the time:

core: HTML, CSS, Node.js and PHP
frameworks: EExpress, React, Gatsby, NextJS, RemixJS, Django and Laravel
databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite
I also have knowledge of basic shell scripting and my dotfiles can be found here.

I also have experience with Mobile Development with Flutter.
I'm not listening to any song currently